Car Retailers / Dealerships – Promotional Gifts

KK Automotive Art specialises in creating unique, high quality British made and designed 3D mobile phone cases for prestige car retailers/dealerships. As we are a UK based company carrying out all our design, packaging and manufacturing requirements in-house we can create either a partially or a totally bespoke promotional gift at a remarkably reasonable cost.

For many dealerships, our wide range of existing designs can often just be used with a superimposed logo and website link/address information or, at a relatively small premium our in-house artists can create something unique to your company and/or the brand of cars you sell. Remember although our general automotive art is mostly classic car based our artists can also produce phone case designs for any car be it classic or modern.

Promotional Opportunities

KK Automotive Art’s extensive range of original artwork and designs can either be white labelled and/or branded with your own company’s logo and/or promotional message. Our range of unique high quality 3D mobile phone case artwork will undoubtedly be appreciated by your clients/potential clients as a thoughtful gift which apart from developing client loyalty will inevitably be used on a daily basis further promoting your company to new potential clients.


  1. Mobile phone cases, unlike virtually any other promotional gift, will generally be used every day;
  2. They promote your services/message not only to your client but to those around your client;
  3. KK Automotive Art is all original, produced by our artists and not available elsewhere;
  4. Bespoke artwork and/or designs can be created by our in-house Art Department;
  5. Our mobile phone cases are all manufactured using British machinery specifically designed to ensure the best possible colour reproduction/profiling;
  6. All mobile phone cases are 3D, with images literally infused into the case ensuring virtually no image deterioration and the highest level of scratch resistance;
  7. All products come beautifully packaged;
  8. You will have a dedicated sales consultant and advisor
  9. Stock is generally not required as being a British company KK Automotive Art can fulfil any individual order within 2-3 working days;
  10. There is an online ordering tool allowing partners to order their required phone cases at wholesale prices

London based artists available for both Re-seller & Promotional Gift Clients

As our artists/designers are based in London, Skype video calls and in certain instances physical visits can be arranged with our sales and creative teams to re-brand or even create your own unique set of products to re-sell. Apart from the fact that unique artwork can be created/offered there is also the undisputed benefit that as a UK based company there is no need for stock as each product is produced as and when ordered.


  • Please note that the copyright of all works shall always remain with KK Automotive Art London unless otherwise agreed
  • The bespoke number plate option is to change the standard number plate lettering and does not include the design of a bespoke number plate although this is available for a private commission
  • Personalised colour for a car – This will be as exact as possible for a drawing but may not be a 100% accurate

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