Model Shops

KK Automotive Art’s extensive and constantly updated range of high quality 3D mobile phone cases and complimentary limited edition framed artwork provide model shop owners the ideal opportunity of significantly increasing their revenue with no or limited expenditure by creating a white label link from their website complete with full e-commerce capabilities and remote monitoring. In fact, our in-house designers can brand the mobile cases with your own logo to create a direct link with your client base whilst our ‘just in time’ production methods ensure that no unnecessary stock needs to be maintained.

Reseller Opportunities

KK Automotive Art’s in-house artists and/or designers can use their skills to create exclusive and/or existing branded mobile phone cases, limited edition art or mug designs specially based around your reseller requirements/product logo.

The Online ‘White Label’ Reseller Programme

Under our reseller programme, it is possible to simply have a ‘white label’ link directly from your existing website which will enable your clients to purchase online branded automotive mobile phone cases and complimentary items – Most importantly, under our online purchase programme there are no invasive requirements for our partners save inserting in a link to the online white label pages (from their own existing website) and agreeing to actively market the new product range normally by using existing email databases. Importantly, for those simply requiring an online white label link there are no stock requirements – thus avoiding purchasing multiply mobile phone case covers from the constantly changing ranges offered by iPhone and Samsung – as all orders are individually manufactured by us in the UK & Ireland and generally delivered 2-3 working days later (UK & Ireland only).

  • Access to Online Diagnostics – Online white label clients can have their own unique access to their own diagnostic pages which will show all the sales being generated and further allow analysis of particular email campaigns.
  • End of Month Payments – At the end each month, our accountants will calculate the sums to be paid to our white label partner’s designated bank account with actual payment made within the first week of the following month.

The Physical Reseller Programme

For certain clients it may be required to have a physical stand with sample cases and/or art in order to maximise sales. Common examples of this would be car/motor bike dealerships and/or for those who regularly attend car/bike/classic car events. It should be noted that many clients will have both an online and physical stand but in the case of the later we recommend that only samples are held with orders then being placed by our reseller partner using their online ‘wholesale’ link.


  1. Significant potential to earn extra revenue from your existing brand;
  2. Online sales do not require physical stock with all fulfilment carried out by KK Automotive Art;
  3. The artwork is all original, produced by our artists and not available elsewhere;
  4. Bespoke artwork and/or designs can be created by our in-house Art Department;
  5. Manufacturing, design and packaging all takes place in the UK & Ireland;
  6. Our mobile phone cases are all manufactured using British machinery specifically designed to ensure the best possible colour reproduction/profiling;
  7. All mobile phone cases are 3D, with images literally infused into the case ensuring virtually no image deterioration and the highest level of scratch resistance;
  8. All products come beautifully packaged;
  9. You will have a dedicated sales consultant and advisor
  10. Partner access to online diagnostic tools showing sales progress and expected end of month payments

London based artists available for both Re-seller & Promotional Gift Clients

As our artists/designers are based in London, Skype video calls and in certain instances physical visits can be arranged with our sales and creative teams to re-brand or even create your own unique set of products to re-sell. Apart from the fact that unique artwork can be created/offered there is also the undisputed benefit that as a UK based company there is no need for stock as each product is produced as and when ordered.


  • Please note that the copyright of all works shall always remain with KK Automotive Art London unless otherwise agreed
  • The bespoke number plate option is to change the standard number plate lettering and does not include the design of a bespoke number plate although this is available for a private commission
  • Personalised colour for a car – This will be as exact as possible for a drawing but may not be a 100% accurate
  • A proof will be sent before printing – If more than one proof is required then there may be an additional charge.

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