Payment Information (Making Payment & Receiving Payments from Clients)
KK Designs London Limited, has a number of payment systems depending on the B2B relationship and sector that your Company, Charity or Club is involved in but in principle the main possibilities include:

  • Direct Promotional Sales & Design/Re-sellers– This is when your Company wishes to purchase a number of specific mobile phone cover types and will be invoiced at the time of Order Placement
  • Partner – ‘White Label’ Payment Gateways – Apart from initial design, consultation and legal agreement fees (not applicable to charities and educational institutions) payments received will normally be direct from the clients with shared profit distribution payments made at the end of each month. In most cases, the ‘white label’ pages will be seamlessly integrated with existing website pages with payments made by clients shared out per the Partner Agreement at the end of each month

Where will payment be made? We are a British Company and all payments will be made to our Bank Account with Barclays Bank PLC

Is KK Designs Limited VAT Registered? Yes

How are ‘White Label’ Client Payments monitored? All products are coded and at the end of each month a Report will be generated and included with the payment to Partner Firm’s that outlines the exact number of phone cases sold, the type of cases and the phone types for which they were bought..

Contact Us – If there are any questions regarding our Payment Systems please contact us using our ‘Contact Us’ Form



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