Our story

The Background

In the modern world, few businesses are born out of passion but in the case of KK Automotive Art its Founder, Barry Spencer-Higgins (a barrister by profession) has had a passion for classic and sports cars since childhood. In fact, over the years he has owned a number of sports and classic cars including a Bentley Continental GT bought from Jack Barclay in London, a Maserati Quatropporte bought from HR Owen but his real passion has always been for classic cars because of their driver involvement and sense of occasion.

His classic cars have included an Austin Healy 3000 MKIII, a V12 Jaguar E-Type and currently an immaculate Bentley T2 as it reminds him of his childhood/teen years when his Father drove a similar car in the 1980’s. In addition, he has also had a keen interest in all kinds of automobilia including model cars, automotive art, badges etc. so it is hardly any surprise that one day he would have looked for a car inspired cover for his mobile phone but much to his dismay he found that not only was there no high quality automotive art available but worse still what was available seemed to be generic logos printed on low quality imports from the Far East. In short, it was time to act and address this gap in the market and seek out the best automotive artists and designers in the UK and Europe followed by intensive research to identify manufacturers capable of producing machinery that could constantly guarantee high quality 3D colour reproduction combined with the equally important protective and scratch resistant qualities that he wanted to bring to the market.

Creating & Sourcing our Exclusive Automotive Art

Barry’s Wife, Nesrin – a designer by profession – was charged with putting together the in-house artistic and design team necessary to create the quality of work demanded for the project whilst Barry himself sought to make contact with some of the world’s leading automotive artists with a view to sufficiently impress them enough to get the exclusive right to reproduce their artwork on KK Automotive Art’s mobile phones. Reassuringly after only a couple of weeks correspondence and many samples – necessary to show the quality of the art reproduction – an undoubted great of the automotive art world Berni Reeves had agreed to sign up exclusively. In the meanwhile, Nesrin had used her undoubted design and management skills to handpick two gifted artists and graphic designers capable of producing unique and exclusive automotive art these being Belizabeth Guerrero (originally from Spain and with her own automotive passion from childhood) and Yavola, trained in Italy and Turkey and a self confessed lover of classic cars.

Ensuring the Best Quality Mobile Phone Cases in the World!

Without a doubt, the most frustrating, expensive and difficult part of the project was learning about all the various production methods available to print on mobile phone cases, the potential materials that could be used with their respective positives and negatives not to mention the colour profiling inconsistencies and poor reproduction from virtually all the manufacturers inevitably based in the Far-East/China. In fact, during the R&D stage KK Automotive Art (or to give it its legal title KK Designs London Limited) had purchased and tested numerous machines which unfortunately – despite costing tens of thousands of Pounds each – were not capable of providing the quality which we knew would be demanded by our intended clientele. In fact, at one stage Barry and Nesrin had become so disillusioned with the quality of the machinery from China that they almost ‘called it a day’ but fortunately they had come too far to turn back and decided to start from scratch and turned to engineers and colour profilers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. After many months of research, innumerable tests on different phone cases, visits and calls with the bespoke colour profilers eventually the stage was set to confidently launch a range of automotive art mobile phone cases that were genuinely unique in quality and showed that when push comes to shove Britain (and Ireland) can still produce the ‘Best in the World’. In the end, virtually everything from the artwork, design, manufacture, machinery and even the packaging all derive from the United Kingdom and Ireland (North and South).

Our 3D Mobile Phone Cases are Guaranteed British Made, Packaged and Designed


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