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We Protect Your Privacy as we would Our Own

KK London (Designs & Fashion) Limited, has a strict policy of not sharing, selling or trading personal and/or business information to any third parties save where required by law or to facilitate the design and/or production process and then only in as so far required during the said process and/or to facilitate re-orders and aims to be fully compliant with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and any subsequent additions and/or amendments thereof.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property (IP) – KK London (Designs & Fashion) Limited fully respects the IP of its Customers and will not transfer, sell, rent or trade your IP or the branded mobile phone case designs we may produce/alter/amend for you to any third party save as required to facilitate the production process. In particular, it should be noted that all our affiliates, sub-contractors, designers, freelance or not, will have signed contracts that will ensure that they are also bound to protect your IP.

For the avoidance of doubt, be it noted that KK London (Designs & Fashion) Limited will automatically assign its designs, design concepts/rights and related IP created for B2B Customers over to the said Customers once full agreed consideration (per our terms and conditions listed herein) has been paid to KK London (Designs & Fashion) Limited but not the production files which will be kept to facilitate future orders by the said B2B Customers. In addition, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the contractual parties, KK London (Designs & Fashion) Limited will be permitted to use the designs it has produced for Customers for its own promotional purposes.

However, KK London (Designs & Fashion) Limited may disclose and/or transfer data protected information (and any related information) as necessary to:  (a) process orders (b) protect website security (c) protect itself and its affiliated companies against liability (c) protect Customers and/or (d) comply with its obligations under the laws of the United Kingdom and where appropriate the Republic of Ireland.

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time and at our sole discretion save where required otherwise by the laws of the United Kingdom and where appropriate the Republic of Ireland.

Terms and Conditions – Please note that our Terms and Conditions should also be read in conjunction with the aforementioned.

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