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Berni Reeves

Berni Reeves is one of the most prominent auto artists in the world with a keen personal interest in classic cars and the classic car movement both in his home country of England and abroad. His works have been featured in many of the leading classic car magazines and is one of the world’s premier automotive artists. He attended the Royal College of Art in London prior to taking up a designer’s role at an advertising agency. His clients included Lotus and the Rootes Group (Chrysler).

The next role for Bernard was as a specialist art director for car television commercials. BMW, Ford, Renault & Shell were among the many well-known companies for which he worked.

His portfolio includes specialist oil & gouache paintings of classic, sports and Formula 1 cars. Racing car drivers, sporting personalities and his latest area of interest, tropical beach scenes, complete his folio. In fact, his beach landscapes now feature in various Galleries in Mauritius.


Belizabeth is a Spanish illustrator and artist based in London.

Belizabeth trained in the University of Alicante and started her career as a professional artist and designer in 2012. She has from childhood had a passion for classic cars when she played with models of many of the cars she is now drawing for a living! When asked why she has this passion she commented “Classic cars have a personality and sense of place that their modern contemporaries lack and without doubt are an art form in their own right …. I am so lucky to be able to combine my passion and work”.

Apart from her classic car drawings, Belizabeth has also illustrated several covers for comic books and fiction novels, and has created her own illustrated book for children called “Mermaid Pearls”. Belizabeth’s artwork is particularly characterized by the use of a mixture of traditional and digital techniques resulting in a realistic and fantasy illustrations full of details.


Yavola is an accomplished artist and graphic designer who joined KK Automotive Art because its work is bespoke, variable and involved genuine design not to mention her love of classic cars and especially the period posters produced by car manufactures, tyre companies and posters advertising motoring events/races.
A graduate of the illustrious Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University with a degree in graphic design, she has produced work in sectors as varied as photography, cinema and engraving.

In 2010, she moved to Rome to study for a Masters in Graphic Arts at the Accademia delle Belle Arti, where painting became the focus of her artistic output.

In 2012, Akıncı received the ‘’Arte Genera Arte’’ prize at the fourth edition of the Premio Terna. She was a finalist of the Premio Pittura INAIL and the Premio Fibrenus in 2013, as well as the UbqArt Award in 2015. She has exhibited at a number of shows in Istanbul, Rome and Carrara.


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